Tri-State Graduate Center

Regretfully, the Tri-State

Graduate Center has ceased

operations as of August 30, 2013

Exactly what is this Tri-State Graduate Center thing?


Let the Tri-State Graduate Center help!Your future is calling.Are you available?If you want to start graduate school, but aren't sure if you're on the right track, you've come to the right place! We know what programs are available in the Siouxland area from accredited local schools. If they don't have a program that is right for you, we'll help you find it elsewhere. If you've tried to find a program on your own through an internet search, you already know how difficult it is. A lot of inappropriate "sponsored" results come up, tuition rates are outrageous (if you can find them disclosed at all), and it can be overwhelming if not confusing. We eliminate that hassle for you. We have the means and experience to personally help in your quest for higher education.


And, best of all, our service to you is FREE. We do not charge you a penny. We are a nonprofit organization designed to help Siouxland residents attain advanced degrees. Donations are welcomed and are tax-deductible.


The Tri-State Graduate Center is a consortium of colleges and universities in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Our mission is to facilitate the delivery of graduate-level education to the residents of Siouxland by bringing graduate programs and coursework and other training opportunities to the immediate area so that graduate education may be obtained without much (if any) long distance travel.

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